Monday, October 23, 2006

Home Schooling Starts Before Kindergarten

More than once I've been advised to work at slowing down my daughter's rate of learning, otherwise she would be very bored when she starts school. I cannot even imagine intentionally preventing any child from learning at their own speed, especially when they are having such fun with it. Another argument for home schooling....

Katerina already knows all the uppercase and lowercase letters, and is beginning to put them together into words.

I hadn't really given her enough credit for how much she's actually learned. I was busy in the kitchen a few days ago when Katerina pulled out some magnetic letters and put them on the fridge. Next thing I know she's very proudly saying "Daddy, look! I made the."

"You made the what?" I asked her.

"No, I made the on the fridge." she answered.

I looked at the fridge and saw that she had arranged the letters "T" "H" and "E" to make the word "the".

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