Monday, October 23, 2006

Home School or Public School - A Difficult Decision

A lot of thought has already gone into our decision whether to home school or not. So many things to consider.

On the one hand, public school offers structured education in a social setting with other children. (Sometimes what children can learn at school, however, is not so positive. There are also issues with class size, and some of the curriculum is a bit slow for the brighter students.)

On the other hand, home school offers a personalized education in a more controlled environment. (Yet sometimes a home school environment could be too controlling or demanding, and the loss of peer social time has to be made up with clubs and other group activities.)

Overall, I expect home schooling to mean a LOT more work for us as parents. Probably much more expensive as well.

Sometimes is seems that home school is the obvious choice for our daughter, then at other times there come doubts and concerns. Pretty normal feelings for parents planning to home school.

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