Monday, September 15, 2008

School Registration Complete

In BC, homeschooled children need to be registered with an accredited school, and this must be completed by September 30. We heard back from her local public school this morning, and got everything finished by about 1:00. The school secretary has been working there for 10 years, yet Katerina is the very first homeschooled child she has ever registered for kindergarten.

Katerina started her "official" homeschooling on September 3. I prepare the lesson plans a day ahead, giving her a variety of subjects to cover each day. Morning is our P.E. time (physical education), then on to the reading and writing practice. Afternoons are arithmetic and science. She covers about 1 hour of academic work each day, then arts & crafts and other play pretty much fills up the rest of her time. So far Katerina says about school: "I don't like the writing part, but I LOVE the science experiments."

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